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$39.50Minimum purchase:
20 tickets

$43.50Minimum purchase:
20 tickets

Date of Visit

  •  Open 10am-5pm
  •  Closed

A 10% deposit is required to Confirm your Booking. Bookings must be paid in full 14 days prior to your visit. All bookings incur a booking fee.

If the date you require is blanked out, it is either unavailable or within the minimum 14 day time frame. Please contact our office if you require further information.

Street Address

Tickets are sent via express post or courier. Please ensure the following fields are filled out correctly.

Delivery Address

Same as street address



$11Min 20 Persons

$12Min 20 Persons

$13Min 20 Persons

$22Min 20 Persons

$22Min 20 Persons

$32Min 20 Persons



$110Serves 10 persons

$90Serves 10 persons

$70Serves 10 persons

$50Serves 10 persons



$40Serves up to 30 persons

$60Serves up to 60 persons









$30 per personMin 20 Persons

$15 per personMin 20 Persons

Shelter Hire

Nov/Dec $300.00
other $150.00

Nov/Dec $350.00
other $150.00

Nov/Dec $500.00
other $300.00

Nov/Dec $500.00
other $300.00

Subject to availability: Huts are free if booked with catering for 80+ guests (Nov/Dec) and 20+ people (other)

Read more information on shelter hire.



A 10% deposit paid is required to Confirm this Group Booking. At this stage this is a Group Booking request only.

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