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The Taipan

The Taipan

It’s one of Australia’s most dangerous beasts – the Taipan snake is long, twisty and very, very fast - offering a great challenge for small groups or families.

When you enter the belly of The Taipan, it’s a high-intensity thrill – completely in darkness. You are inside Australia’s most deadly snake after all!

You’ll never know which way The Taipan might turn next – or when you might re-emerge!

Every ride is different and there is a thrill for everyone on the Taipan – one of Australia’s favourite water rides and always a challenge for you and your group.


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Minimum Height

Minimum Height > 120cm (100cm < 120cm Adult Supervision Required)

Minimum/Maximum Weight

Maximum Weight 70kg < 320kg

Minimum/Maximum Riders

A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 riders per raft

Riders may need to be from the same family or pre-existing close contact group for health reasons


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