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Day Lockers

Hundreds of Day Lockers available

For your convenience and security, Day Lockers are available at the following locations throughout the park:

  • Bombora Seafood
  • Bombora Pavillion
  • Splash Snacks
  • Picnic Area
  • Near Billabong Beach
  • Banjo's Billabong
  • Kiddies Cove / Outback Bay

These operate on a pin system and can be accessed as many times as you wish throughout the day.

To identify areas where Day Lockers are located Click here to visit Jamberoo Action Park map.

Lockers come in two sizes and the daily hire price for each locker is:

Small - $10.00 per day (Internal Size 47cm x 50cm x 11.4cm)

Large - $15.00 per day (Internal Size 47cm x 50cm x 44.4cm)


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