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Giant Easter Egg Hunt

Jamberoo Action Park is looking forward to Easter Sunday 4 April 2021.

Sammy the Shark and the Easter Bunny are getting the chocolate eggs ready NOW!

NOTE: Easter Sunday at Jamberoo Action Park will be a bit different this season – so to make sure everyone still has loads of fun and plenty of Easter Eggs, we will be providing all children 4-12 years with a specially prepared bag of eggs when they enter the park.

Normally, we celebrate Easter with a HUNT’ for 1000’s of yummy chocolate Easter Eggs, but this season we will be handing them out when guests enter the park. This will help ensure social distancing and means all children will get their own special bag of eggs.

Be early! From 10 – 11am Sammy the Shark and the Easter Bunny will be giving out the eggs at the front gates and will be available for photos – so bring your cameras and don’t forget to #jamberooactionpark !

We recommend that tickets be bought online, but they can be bought at the gate on the morning with ticket booths opening at 10.00am – or slightly earlier. We recommend all guests* to be ready to come in by 9.45am

Easter Event Details

NAME: Easter Sunday 2021 at Jamberoo Action Park
DATE: Easter Sunday 4th April 2021
9.45am Ticket Sales commence
A TIP! Don’t forget you can also save time and buy tickets online @ www.jamberoo.net
10.00am Easter Sunday 2021 at Jamberoo Action Park officially commences. All ticket-holding guests may enter the park and children 4 – 12 years collect their Easter Eggs!
A TIP! Make sure you get a photo with Sammy the Shark and the Easter Bunny – and use #jamberooactionpark to share the fun! Sammy and the Bunny will be available between 10 – 11am only!!!
10.00am Entry Gates open for a great day here at Jamberoo Action Park
5.00pm Jamberoo Action Park closes for the day
NOTES: *For children aged between 4-12 years with a valid ticket. All guests entering the park on the day must do so on a valid entry ticket – including parents or guardians of children.