Frequently Asked Questions

All guests entering the park need to do so on a valid ticket.
Season Pass is here again this season. There is a promo period between 1 August and 17 September – save $20 when you buy online between those dates.  Save $10 over the gate price when you buy online at other times.
The price of Season Pass is the same for all guests 4yrs up.
This will be the only multi-entry pass this season.
Season Pass gets you priority entry on over 140 open days, 10% off all in-park purchases^, 6 movies over summer, and access to deals with The Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures, Anytime Fitness, My First Gym, Steamers Bar & Grill, Longboard Cafe, home games with the St.George Illawarra Dragons.

For those interested in saving 27% on a bulk ticket buy for single tickets to be used on any open date or to be given as gifts etc, please also consider our group tickets option – more information can be found here.

^Excludes sales items, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or deals.

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Experience a TRULY HAIR RAISING EXPERIENCE with The Stinger – only at Velocity Falls!

Velocity Falls is a new world-class water ride precinct featuring a variety of thrilling rides and attractions. The biggest, newest rides of their type in Australia and amongst the biggest and best in the world!

Years in preparation, Velocity Falls was conceived from the desire to offer a themed combination of water thrill rides, that tap into the sights and sounds of Australiana and match the existing theming of most rides and attractions at Jamberoo Action Park.

“Volumes of water, racing at speed and the experience of zero gravity” are the cornerstones of the Velocity Falls precinct. All wrapped in the texture of the local rainforest and featuring exciting ocean creatures.

Only possible at Jamberoo Action Park – where the mountains meet the sea, and where you control the action!

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More tips for a great day out at Jamberoo Action Park:

Consider coming on cloudy days or weekdays when open dates permit – shorter queues mean more time for action! Don’t wait for the perfect day – that’s what everyone else does too 🙂

Arrive early, explore the park and get a great location – start your day the right way!

Order food online – so you can enjoy every minute of your day!

Experience every ride and attraction in the park – if one ride is busy – try another one and come back to it later.

  • Everyone wants to use the Chairlift and Toboggans before they go home, get in early to avoid the queue.
  • Funnel Web, Perfect Storm, OctoRacer and Stinger are busiest late morning and mid-afternoon, maybe refuel with a snack and use these rides outside these times.

Generally speaking, water shoes are a good idea and can be worn on all rides and attractions. They are available from the Surf Shack at Jamberoo Action Park – subject to availability.

And finally – save time, save money when you buy online – you’ll save $10 per ticket on the gate ticket price.

All guests entering the park need to do so on a valid ticket.

There is no need to book a date when purchasing tickets. Just select the next available date. An E-ticket allows you entry on any day we are open this season – All open dates are here.

Please note that it is cheaper and more convenient to buy tickets online and we recommend all guests to purchase their tickets this way. Single entry AND also group or bundle buy tickets can now be purchased online under the TICKETS and GROUP VISITS tabs in the menu bar.

According to the NSW Government Roadmap and as of the 15th December 2021 Jamberoo Action Park is able to welcome ALL GUESTS irrespective of vaccination status.

Masks are not required as of 25.2.2022.

Please find more info on that roadmap here and the latest info here.

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We want to thank those that visited and supported us in past seasons and we look forward to welcoming you all back for the 2023/2024 season.

Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the park.

No glassware is permitted in any areas of the park.

Jamberoo Action Park fully supports the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 and has adopted in principle this legislation making the Park a Smoke Free environment. Smoking, including vaping and e-cigarettes is only permissible at the designated smoking area behind the BBQ huts indicated near points 17 and 24 (far right) on the Park Map.

Portable BBQ’s are not permitted to be brought into the park.

Coin-operated BBQ’s are available in the picnic area for guests. The availability of these may depend on government advice about the use of shared cooking facilities. Please check with a Jamberoo staff member.

You can also pre-book a gas BBQ for the day for just $50 (up to 24 hours before your visit).

Please note that Gas BBQs cannot be used in all locations in the park. eg: Gas BBQs cannot be used at the new Velocity Falls Cabanas for safety reasons.

Just add a BBQ to your cart as part of your check out process when purchasing a Hut or Shelter, or contact Jamberoo Action Park on 4236 0114 to make a booking for a BBQ.

Note that BBQ hire is day-specific – so you must attend and use the BBQ only on the day that you have booked it. Arrange delivery of the BBQ with the Customer Service Officer when you arrive at the park.

For guests to qualify for the Companion Card rate, the guests’ carer must provide their companion card, allowing the discounted rate for the guest and free entry for the carer.

No Companion Card – a rate will be approved on a case by case basis for individuals with a long-term disability / who require a high level of care. 

General Conditions

For all terms and conditions please go here.

The admission price (inclusive of GST) includes entry to the park, rides and activities with the exception of food, drinks, merchandise, barbeque usage and Hut or Shelter reservation.

For tickets bought at the gate or online without the “Refundable Booking” option, Jamberoo Action Park has a no refund policy which is inclusive of inclement weather. Jamberoo Action Park does not refund for incorrect purchases.

E-Tickets purchased online under the “Refundable Booking” category are subject to the terms and conditions contained here: Refund Applications are processed here:

Jamberoo Action Park reserves the right to refuse entry or remove patrons for non-adherence to conditions of entry, failing to follow staff or signage instruction, anti-social behaviour (including unsocial language), violence, theft, vandalism, intoxication, use or influence of illicit substances, inadequate supervision of persons under your care and queue line jumping.

It is a Condition of Entry that a search of a person and/or their possessions will be required at the time of entry into Jamberoo Action Park.

Jamberoo Action Park is a Licensed Premises and as a result, no alcohol is permitted to be brought into the park.

No Animals may be brought onto the premises with the exception of animals for disability assistance.

It is a Condition of Entry that appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times when using aquatic activities in the Park. Appropriate swimwear materials are made from nylon, tricot, spandex, lycra, and acetate. You cannot use water rides in the Park dressed in street clothing, underwear, brassieres and panties (also known as knickers), briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, bikini underwear, thongs, and G-strings.

Jamberoo Action Park fully supports the Smoke Free Environment Act 2000 and has adopted in principle this legislation making the Park a Smoke Free environment. Smoking is only permissible in the car park.

Health & Physical Requirements

To ensure the safety of patrons and staff, some activities may enforce an age, height, weight limits and/or clothing requirements.

It is recommended that any patrons suffering from Head, Neck, Back or Bone injuries, Heart or lung conditions, pregnancy, physical or intellectual limitations seek advice from a medical practitioner as to the appropriateness of Jamberoo Action Park’s rides and activities and reconsider the use of activities within the park as stipulated by staff and /or signage.

Jamberoo Action Park complies fully with the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012 that controls the public health risk associated with public swimming and spa pools and supports fully NSW Health’s Steps to Healthy Swimming program. This program requires guests not to use any pool, ride or attraction if they have had diarrhoea in the previous week and suggests that before entering any pool, ride or attraction use the toilet and shower facilities throughout the park.

Further, all swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear and toddlers/young children and nappy dependant persons/individuals must wear approved waterproof tight-fitting nappy/pants under their swimmers. Toddlers/young children and nappy dependant persons/individuals should be taken frequently to the toilet, by but not limited to, parents/guardians or carers who should wash with warm water, soap and dry their hands immediately after a nappy has been changed.

To keep our team and guests safe and reduce the risk of disease transmission, guests will not be permitted to enter the facility if they:

  • Have presented with flu-like symptoms (or a related illness) in the last 72 hours including but not limited to cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, loss of sense of taste or smell, or shortness of breath;
  • Have been in contact with someone who tested positive to COVID-19 virus within the past two weeks;
  • Have been directed to self-isolate for a period which includes the day of visit; or
  • Have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting results.

If guests present at the front gate under the above conditions, they and anyone in their household will be denied entry and asked to return on a day that does not breach these Conditions of Entry.

Furthermore, while in the park guests are respectfully asked to:

  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching surfaces were possible
  • Maintain strong hygiene practices
  • Downloading the COVID-Safe App

Supervision and Responsibilities

The park is located on 40 hectares of land in various stages of development and repair.

The rides in this park are of a sporting nature and carry inherent risks of injury. By entering this property you acknowledge the risks and in the event you sustain a personal injury, loss or damage to property, you hereby agree to absolve the company, directors and staff from any liability whatsoever for any injury or loss whilst on the property.

You must be 14 years and older to enter the Park if unaccompanied by an Adult (16 years and older).

Guests entering the park unsupervised will need to present Identification before entry.

Examples of acceptable ID are copies or photographs of: Birth Certificate, Passport, School ID, or other similar government-issued ID containing name and date of birth.

As a guardian, it is your responsibility to assess the swimming abilities and limitations of children under your care.

Please be aware that the premises has many pools and dams which range in depths up to 7 metres, and as the parent or guardian of children or persons who may or may not swim satisfactorily, it is your responsibility to maintain constant supervision of them at all times.

Jamberoo Action Park provides the highest standard of lifeguard supervision following all Australian standards and Royal Life Saving Australia recommendations in regards to Lifeguard to bather ratios, however, this is no substitution for the direct supervision of children by parents or guardians whilst using activities.

By purchasing a ticket and entering Jamberoo Action Park you accept that your image may be taken and recorded by surveillance equipment for security and monitoring purposes and that all such images and recordings are the sole property of Jamberoo Action Park.

All patrons are responsible for their own property and whilst Jamberoo Action Park takes precautions to reduce damage or theft, responsibility will not be taken for damage or loss of personal property. You are encouraged to remove all jewellery items from your person and locate or retain them in a safe location and not on one’s person whilst using rides and attractions in the park.   

Day Lockers are available in multiple locations throughout the park including at:

  • Bombora Seafood
  • Bombora Pavillion
  • Splash Snacks
  • Picnic Area
  • Near Billabong Beach
  • Banjo’s Billabong
  • Kiddies Cove / Outback Bay

These operate on a pin system and can be accessed as many times as you wish.

To identify areas where Day Lockers are located Click here to visit Jamberoo Action Park map.

Lockers come in two sizes and the daily hire price for each locker is:

Small – $12.00 per day (Internal Size 47cm x 50cm x 11.4cm)

Large – $17.00 per day (Internal Size 47cm x 50cm x 44.4cm)

Jamberoo Action Park is set alongside a mountain and the pathways can contain undulations along the access routes to many rides and attractions. All rides and attractions are somewhat disability-friendly. Please refer to the Rider Safety Guidelines here for more details about all rides.

All rides and facilities also have ramp access throughout the park, and there are disabled amenities and parking on-premises. 

Please enquire directly with Jamberoo Staff operating the ride for ride specific details and enquire with the Customer Services Officer at the Souvenir Shop before your entry to the park for more general details or assistance concerning disabilities and access while at Jamberoo Action Park.

Did you know that Jamberoo Action Park does not access government-supplied town water? Quite remarkable given that water and lots of it is what we need to operate most of the rides at NSW’s largest family-owned and operated water theme park!

Jamberoo Action Park takes a sustainable approach when it comes to water usage, waste management and recycling. This is both good for the environment and puts less strain on the government resources used by the surrounding municipalities.

100% of the water used at Jamberoo is collected during rain events and is stored in catchment dams. It is then treated, used, and recycled on-site in much the same way as government water is supplied to the public and follows the standards set by health authorities for use at public swimming pools.

 Jamberoo Action Park does also provide water dispensers in the park and guests are invited to bring reusable bottle so they can refill and hydrate.

Bottled water is also sold on-site and guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink into the park.

Waste management – we encourage all guests to be mindful about the disposal of waste including food packaging and other items whilst in the park. Help us manage waste in the most thoughtful way by using the designated bins appropriately for the items being disposed of.

Jamberoo Action Park has a range of food beverage and retail outlets, catering for everything from light snacks and sweets, burgers, fish, chips, salads, wraps, ice-creams, coffee, cakes, and more.

Please note that outlet opening times are subject to seasonality and the number of guests in the park.

There’s a surf shack with clothing and accessories priced the same or even better than other retail outlets and of course a souvenir shop with a range of functional or decorative items to help you remember your day.

You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into the picnic areas and shelters. Glassware and alcohol are not permitted in any area of the park.

It is a condition of entry that a search of a person and/or their possessions will be required at the time of entry into Jamberoo Action Park.

Drinking water is freely available at 2 locations in the park. Guests are invited to bring their own reusable (non-glass) bottles to “refill and hydrate”. 

Bottled water is also sold on-site and guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink into the park.

Jamberoo Action Park is encouraging guests to order food online this season – you can order in advance – or when you arrive via this website

Height Restrictions apply to some rides & attractions:

Broadly speaking, guests over 1.4m in height will be eligible to use all rides and attractions, and guests 1.2m and above will be eligible to use all water rides. 

Some restrictions may apply and we encourage all guests to Click here to check our Rider Safety Guidelines which cover all height and other restrictions.

Jamberoo Action Park has a range of Huts and Shelters that can be booked in advance of your visit to assist with catering and ensure that you and your guests have a comfortable, hassle-free location to base yourselves, rest or take refreshments during your day in the park.

Or why not go a step further and treat yourself to even more secure and private comfort with our NEW Velocity Falls Cabanas!

Find out more or book here.

Any huts or shelters that are not reserved in advance will be available to guests free of charge on a “first-come, first-get” basis and may also be used by other guests (with the exception of the Velocity Falls Cabanas).

Jamberoo Action Park makes no promises nor accepts responsibility for damage, loss, or disappointment if guests choose to make use of non-reserved huts or shelters in this way.

Guests’ personal sunshades and shelters or tents are also allowed into the park. However, pegs/ropes are not allowed as they are a trip hazard.

These must only be erected on grassed areas, away from the main walkways.

Areas within Jamberoo Action Park are often used to photograph and record video and film footage in connection with Park promotional and publicity activities. By your ticket purchase and acceptance of our terms and conditions,  you acknowledge that you have been informed that you may be photographed and recorded as part of any release to, any and or, all media outlets used by Jamberoo Action Park.

Further, by your presence here, you grant permission for your image and voice to be included therein without compensation, credit, or other consideration.

If you do not wish to be photographed, recorded, or appear under these conditions, you should immediately leave any area where this activity is taking place.

“Notice of Filming” sign will be displayed at the Entry gates of Jamberoo Action Park on the day of any in-park filming.

Jamberoo Action Park undertakes photographic activities throughout its rides and attractions on a daily basis which may be used for promotional and/or social media purposes.

By entering the Park, all ticket holders consent to and authorise the use of their photograph images to be made available to Jamberoo Action Park for use of promotional, publicity and retail sale purposes.

This consent and authority gives Jamberoo Action Park and any appointed third parties, the right to use and publish any such images and films of a ticket holder in-store or online.

Automatic On-Ride Photography is an added value we may offer guests on some rides and attractions.

These images can be accessed by guests at a later date by following the prompts found here and may require a fee to be paid for guests to download the full photo file as a memento for their personal use.

All guests entering the park need to do so on a valid ticket.

Jamberoo Action Park offers the following Other Admission Pricing Options for discounts on the ONLINE General Admission pricing to staff and personnel of the following organisations (proof of ID must be shown).

Organisation Discount LimitID Required
 SDA $2 off pp 4 ppl SDA Identification Card
 Australia Defence Force Staff NSW 10% off 4 ppl ADF Identification Card  (Fulltime Uniformed  Employees)
 Police Force Staff 10% off 4 ppl Badge of Warrant Card
 Ambulance Service of NSW 10% off 4 ppl NSW Ambulance Identification Card
 NSW Rural Fire Service 10% off 4 ppl NSW Rural Fire Service Identification Card
 NSW Fire Service 10% off 4 ppl NSW Fire Brigade Identification Card
CFMEU Financial Member 2023 – 2410% off4 pplCFMEU Financial Member Card and Photo ID – valid until 28April 2024

Discounts for the above organisations only apply to tickets purchased from the Front Gate of Jamberoo Action Park on the day of your visit. Discounts are not valid with any other offer.

Persons employed by the above organisations MUST be in attendance on the day of entry to obtain a discount and the intention is that this is for the benefit of the member and their immediate family.

Jamberoo Action Park has 1000’s of FREE Car Parking spaces available every day of the season. The entry gates of Jamberoo Action Park are just a short walk from all car park areas. Car spaces for persons with an approved Mobility Sticker are available adjacent close to the main entry gates. Bus and Coach parking are located in designated areas of Jamberoo’s car parks.

Jamberoo Action Park has rides that may not be suitable if you are pregnant. To ensure that you enjoy your day here it is recommended that you consult your GP or specialist to obtain suitable medical advice on your particular circumstance before coming to Jamberoo Action Park.

How soon can I use the rides and attractions at Jamberoo Action Park after surgery?

That depends on what type of surgery you’ve had but you should not use the rides and attractions of Jamberoo Action Park until:

  • Your Surgeon, GP, Specialist or Physiotherapist has confirmed that it is safe for you to do so
  • Your wound has fully healed, as it should not be submerged underwater

You should ask you Surgeon, GP, Specialist or physiotherapist how long your wound will take to heal before considering using any rides or attractions here at Jamberoo Action Park.

Jamberoo does not offer refunds in the event of wet or inclement weather.

During rain or inclement weather, that includes strong winds, the Chairlift/Bobsled operations may be suspended for safety reasons.

If appropriate, after reevaluating the weather conditions and the drying of the Bobsled tracks, a recommencement of Chairlift/Bobsled operations may occur as soon as practicable.

Advice on any rides or attractions that are not operational on the day will be advised by Admissions and Safety Officer staff prior to entry into Jamberoo Action Park.

All guests entering the park need to do so on a valid ticket.

Jamberoo Action Park does not offer a discounted entry rate for spectators.

Due to the open nature of the park, we cannot account for people’s activities once they enter the park, and all entry fees must assume the full use of all facilities and amenities.

The entry fee and associated ticket also accounts for the welfare and safety of anyone on the park premises.

Swimwear is OK – underwear is not OK.

Consider also that some of the rides and attractions can be of a “high-impact” nature and a certain degree of coverage can be more comfortable in many instances.

It is a condition of entry that appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times when using water rides in the Park. Appropriate swimwear materials are made from nylon, tricot, spandex, lycra, and acetate. Boardshorts, swimming trunks, and one-piece or bikini-type swimwear is seen as appropriate swimwear.

You cannot use any water rides in the Park if you are wearing underwear such as brassieres and panties (also known as knickers), briefs, boxer shorts, and boxer briefs, bikini underwear, thongs, and G-strings.

Both the mountain toboggans/bobsled ride and chairlift all require footwear and proper attire for safety reasons.

Required attire on these rides:

  • Thongs, sandals or enclosed shoes
  • T-shirt and shorts or skirt

It is a Condition of Entry that NO floatation devices are allowed to be brought into the park for safety reasons. Floatation devices include, but are not limited to,

  • Boogie boards, bodyboards, surfboards
  • Any device that is inflated with air, including pool lounges, lie lows, pool chairs, sling chairs etc.
  • Noodles and Noodle Chairs
  • Beach Balls, Nerfballs or frisbees

Eyewear/Glasses; for safety reasons, glasses are NOT permitted to be worn on the majority of water rides and attractions. We recommend guests use contact lenses in cases where glasses are needed, and these are permitted on all rides and attractions.

Generally speaking, water shoes are a good idea and can be worn on all rides and attractions. They are available from the Surf Shack at Jamberoo Action Park – subject to availability.

During the check-out process for online ticket purchases,  Jamberoo Action Park offers Jamberoo Ticket Protection. This option is selected by default as part of the ticket purchase process, so it is up to the purchaser to actively un-select that if they choose not to purchase Jamberoo Ticket Protection. It is completely your choice.

If you think you might NOT be able to come to Jamberoo Action Park for some reason, please check the terms and conditions of choosing Jamberoo Ticket Protection and consider if it might be a good option for you BEFORE completing your ticket purchase.

Please note that without purchasing Jamberoo Ticket Protection, Jamberoo Action Park has a no-refunds, no-exchanges, no-extensions policy as stated in the terms and conditions agreed to by the customer before ticket purchase.

To find out more about Jamberoo Ticket Protection Terms & Conditions click here.