Octo Racer

Our Newest Racer awaits...

Get ready for High Speed Racing!

Meet Octo Racer – part of the Velocity Falls precinct and sure to provoke your competitive spirit!

Featuring 8 lanes of twisting, high-velocity racing thrills. Get your mat and make your way up the mountain – enjoy the views – and see the tentacles of the Octo Racer laid out on the mountain slope below.

Take your position and wait for the countdown to race – but be fair now! Don’t jump the start!

Who will win and where will they emerge? Change your technique to get the fastest time – and compare your results on the stopwatch counters at the finish line below. You can clearly see who came first and who needs to go faster next time.

Octo Racer combines the twisting and twirling motions of the tentacles of the Blue-ringed Octopus with the competitive thrills of racing up to 7 other riders. 8 different lanes, each offering a different experience – try them all for the ultimate racing experience!

Minimum Height

> 100cm

Minimum/Maximum Weight

No Limit – but at the discretion of the operator for safety reasons

Minimum/Maximum Riders

One rider per lane