Currently under Construction... Coming soon...

the latest world class, gravity-fed water ride precinct at Jamberoo Action Park.

Jamberoo Action Park is working as fast as possible to release Velocity Falls – a new water ride precinct featuring a variety of new rides and attractions. The biggest, newest rides of their type in Australia and amongst the biggest and best in the world!

Years in the making, Velocity Falls is a themed, world-class experience – which taps into the sights and sounds of Australiana and builds on the existing theming at NSW’s largest family-owned and operated water theme park.

Volumes of water, racing at speed and the experience of zero gravity are the cornerstones of the Velocity Falls precinct. All wrapped in the texture of the local rainforest and ocean creatures – only possible at Jamberoo Action Park – where the mountains meet the sea!

The development of Velocity Falls has experienced some delays due to poor weather and Covid-related matters and is currently under construction, with the goal of opening in September 2022.

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It’s possible that there may be some disruption to other rides while the finishing touches are added to Velocity Falls – but this is rare and all other rides are currently up and running! Please call us or email to enquire about this if it is a concern before you come to the park.

Velocity Falls will occupy the space which previously featured the Splash Out water slides.