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The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Drop into the eye of The Perfect Storm!

The Tallest, Longest, most exciting water ride, built of its kind, in the world...

As dark thunderclouds form and swirl, wind speeds increase relentlessly whirling about ugly columns of dust and debris... The Perfect Storm is approaching Jamberoo Action Park! NOT 1... NOT 2... BUT 3 tornados twisting and rotating around each other will combine to create The Perfect Storm.

You and 3 friends will experience thrills as you head towards the first mini vortex before breaking out excitedly into the bright light then re-entering the darkness making your way to the second vortex where you lose all sense of direction before reaching the gigantic Twister - picking up sheds, tractors, trucks and everything caught up in its path.

Hold on and prepare for the adventure of a life time as you experience moments of Zero-Gravity, in complete darkness, with streaks of lightening and booming cracks of thunder whilst twisting up and down, back and forth inside the vortex of The Perfect Storm.

As the storm passes, calm returns as you emerge into the splash out pool, free at last...

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Minimum Height

Minimum Height > 120cm

Minimum/Maximum Weight

Maximum Weight110kg < 320kg (Combined)


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