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Food Outlets

Jamberoo offers a large choice of tasty food options to keep you going!

  • Bombora Seafood

    Bombora Seafood

    Choose from a range of trusty favourites such as fish n’ chips, tempura prawns and calamari.

  • Bombora Scoop

    Bombora Scoop

    A perennial favourite. A huge selection of sweets with ice creams, donuts, biscuits and coffees.

  • Season Pass Cafe

    Season Pass Cafe

    A great adult’s retreat. Healthy, cafe-style food in a relaxed, seated restaurant environment.

  • Burger Barn

    Burger Barn

    A selection of tasty burgers – great for people on the run!

  • Splash Snacks

    Splash Snacks

    The traditional fun park fare that everyone loves. Think pies, sausage rolls, hot dogs, fairy floss – it’s popular!

  • Aussie BBQ Hut

    Aussie BBQ Hut

    Like its namesake! Favourite BBQ treats such as snags and steak sandwiches.

Outlet opening times subject to seasonality.


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