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Funnel Web

The Funnel Web

Get Bitten by the Funnel Web”, the Longest, Biggest and most exhilarating new water thrill ride built in the World! Dare to enter Funnel Web’s burrow with three of your friends for a heart stopping 30km an hour exhilarating ride, twisting and turning in darkness, before plunging into the “Funnel Web”... watch out that you don’t “Get Bitten by the Funnel Web”!

You’ll experience multiple zero-gravity moments as your CLOVERleaf™ raft travels up and down the funnel, being sucked deep into the burrow, only to re-enter the darkness for one final twist and turn before splashing out “free at last” into the landing pool.

Minimum Height

Minimum Height > 120cm

Maximum Weight

Maximum Weight70kg < 320kg (Combined)